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Terzah's Twin Pregnancy Journal

Week 12 ~ July 5, 2006
~ Some Fun At Last!

What's more fun than telling your family you're pregnant? Telling them you're pregnant with twins!

We finally had a good week. Dan and I actually went out and had a date on Saturday night. We took a picnic over to the university campus, ate in a leisurely fashion and then watched a performance of Shakespeare's The Tempest in an outdoor theater. I was out a lot later than my body is now used to, but it was worth it for how relaxed it made both of us.

The nausea continues to subside (I find I can control it with eating and naps), the acid indigestion is backing off, too-and Monday's ultrasound was great. The twins looked right on schedule. Both were moving around, and one did a backflip as we watched! That night we called our parents, siblings and other relatives. It was even more fun than the pregnancy call had been (and that was pretty fun). I think the difference this time was the real surprise. They'd mostly expected that we'd have a baby at some point. None of them, however, ever dreamed we'd have two at once! I think they're all pleased, though both the moms started to worry once the implications began to set in. It's funny, I told Dan-I understand them better now that I've had just a little taste of "mom worry" myself.

For the 4th, our good friends Eric and Kathy and their two kids came up to have a picnic with us. It rained, but we were all in good spirits. We joked that having their kids, who are five and two, at our house gave us a little taste of all the kid-proofing we're going to have to do (a lot).

Our next step, I think, will be to think about my job and do a little planning on that front. I was planning to apply for a full-time job, and I might still apply-but I'm starting to become dubious about taking it if it's offered. Forty hours a week would require more daycare than we probably want to pay for-and frankly, I'd rather our babies were with one of us most of the time, especially when they're so tiny. My current twenty hours, or maybe bumping it up to thirty hours (if that's possible), may work best in the end-especially because Dan's grad school schedule will likely be fairly flexible too.

I'm not as worried about my career as I thought I'd be. I've talked to a couple of other librarians who are moms, and they said they had no trouble getting good jobs once their kids were older and they were really ready to dive back in. And I really genuinely like my current job. It's very satisfying. Why change that when so much else is about to change?

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