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Week 13 ~ July 12, 2006
~ Happy Developments

Depending on how you count it, I am either almost out of or already out of the first trimester! Yay! I'm hoping Dan and I can head out soon to celebrate. Maybe we can settle the craving I've been having for Chinese food . . . yum. We haven't been eating out much because we're trying to save money ahead of his grad school and the arrival of our twins. Finances are going to be tight and so it's time to tighten our belts (of course, in my case, any belt-tightening will be strictly figurative-I'm not really wearing belts anymore).

I found out from a little squib in the paper this morning that Paula Radcliffe, the world record holder in the women's marathon, is expecting a baby and is due around the same time I am. This is way more interesting to me than all the hoopla about certain recent celebrity pregnancies. Paula is famous and talented, but she is also around my age and really works hard to hone her talent. Pretty cool to have such company!

That said, it kind of cracked me up to read one thing she said: "My stomach muscles are very tight and they have to get bigger." Um, that is definitely not my problem (the tightness part). I'm already worried that when I get finished with this that my stomach muscles will be loose and elastic enough to span the globe like big rubber bands. They probably could get a good part of the way around already.

I went ahead and applied for my boss's job. I'm a bit nervous about it-it's hard to think beyond the pregnancy sometimes, even though I know I need to for my own sanity, and I fear this will put me at a disadvantage to the other applicants. I'm sure they'll get some really talented and experienced candidates. Oh well, I'll just have to do my best in the interview and see what happens.

My mom is coming out to see us in early August. I'm excited about that. It will be very comforting to have her around, and I've missed her cooking lately, now that my appetite is mostly back and increasing. Dan is a great cook, but he tends toward really carb-heavy stuff (as he said, he'd be fine eating pasta or cous-cous every night), and I just can't eat like that these days. I need the old protein, carb, vegetable kind of traditional meal. I wonder if I'll ever be as good a cook as my mom . . . I hope so for the babies' sakes.

I hope everyone out there is doing well. For those of you still suffering morning sickness, I feel for you, sisters. I don't have any cures for you, but know that this, too, shall (likely) pass, even if you have twins.

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