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Week 14 ~ July 19, 2006
~ A Job Decision

On my Sunday shift, I had a great talk with the head of the reference department at the library where I work about my situation and the effect getting my retiring boss's job might have. The reference head is a mom, too, and said that just speaking as a mom, she would not try to go for a 40-hour-a-week professional job in my shoes. It felt so good to hear that! That has absolutely been my instinct, too, but I didn't want to seem un-ambitious or let them down. It turns out there's another person retiring in September. Her job is 30 hours a week, so now what I'm hoping is that I can get those hours (but continue to do my current job, which I really love). Going from 20 to 30 hours will pay for more insurance and boost my paychecks-but it won't be so much responsibility that I will feel torn between work and my babies.

After talking to Dan about it (he agreed!), I emailed work this morning and withdrew my application for the big job, and plan to apply for the other when it's posted. Whew!

I still have two weeks until my next ultrasound (August 3) and I'm starting to feel the paranoia rising again with each day that passes and I don't get to see my babies (I know, I know, I'm spoiled!). What if the vanishing twin thing could still happen? Shouldn't I still feel more nauseous than I do? Shouldn't my belly be expanding faster? Shouldn't I be hungrier? It's been so much fun telling all of our friends we're having twins-but what if we have to call everyone back and retract that?

One good thing (I guess): if my home scale is any indication, my weight is starting to take off. I won't really know until I'm back on the scale at my OB's office-but at least I know I'm headed solidly in the right direction. In fact, it's enough in that direction that I'm now going to stop keeping stuff like ice cream around the house. I think it was necessary when it was one of the only things that tasted good-but it's not necessary now. I don't want to turn into Jabba the Hut, after all!!

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