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Week 15 ~ July 26, 2006
~ Parenting Discussions

It's been a good week, though just in a quiet way with not a lot of events to report. We had a funny moment last night when Dan looked at my belly (which now resembles that of an otherwise spindly man who drinks too much beer) and said it looks like it's expanded just in the last two days. I've been able to get a lot of naps this week so far; perhaps the babies like that and are using that time to put in a growth spurt. I can't wait to see them in the next sonogram, but that's still a week away so I have to continue to be patient.

We talked a little about parenting tonight. My mom sent a us a newspaper column by John Rosemond, who said the reason so many children are poorly-disciplined and downright surly these days is that parents pay too much attention to self-esteem and achievement and not enough to building character and a sense of responsibility. My mom likes his ideas. She is a teacher and has been for almost 30 years, and says that in that time she has watched discipline go down and parent back-up of teachers along with it. Some of the stories she tells make me glad I am not a teacher. I certainly wouldn't have been allowed to get away with some of the stuff her students' parents try to let them get away with.

At the same time, I don't want to be a major general when it comes to discipline. Dan pointed out that every older generation since time began has lamented how poorly the newer generations are being brought up. He has a point, too. We've pretty much already decided that we're not going in for corporal punishment. But I'm still afraid of being too soft and raising a couple of little terrors (you see the kind I'm talking about in the supermarkets, and their parents always seem to be the ones who say "please" to raging toddlers; what's with that??).

It's all kind of abstract now. And I'm sure there are some parents out there reading this and saying, "Another childless person who looks critically at how other people raise their kids . . ." I know you're right! But it's all part of worrying about being good parents and raising our kids to be good people, and I can't help doing it even before the kids are actually here, and even though what I really should be worrying about right now is signing up for a breast-feeding class.

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