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Terzah's Twin Pregnancy Journal

Week 16 ~ August 3, 2006
~ Rocky Mountain High

My mom is here! She got in yesterday, and it's so good to have her. Tonight she cooked us buttermilk-soaked baked chicken in a garlic/herb breading, with fresh beets, corn and new potatoes. As I type, I am feeling so pleasantly full and taken care of.

This also came after she and I spent the day up in Rocky Mountain National Park. We walked only about two miles, but I was really happy to see that, although I no longer fit into my "real" jeans, I can still climb a hill at altitude without getting winded. As a bonus, we saw a mom with twins in a stroller. My mom doesn't know a stranger, so we went up and asked her about them (I've heard this happens all the time once you have twins, and you have to be very patient with people). She said, "Yes, they're twins," to which I pointed to my belly and said, "So are these!" It took her a second, but when she caught on, she couldn't wait to tell me how great it is. Her girls are eight months old. Every fifth word out of her mouth was "awesome." We exchanged phone numbers, and I really will call her. It would be so much fun to bring the babies up there when they're big enough and do a little walking. And, later, when they're bigger, some real hiking . . .

My ultrasound is tomorrow (August 3). I am excited and apprehensive at the same time. I really hope everyone is still well. I've felt some tightness in my belly and some pains. Hopefully, it's just the round ligaments and that sort of thing, but I am of course starting to worry about pre-term labor and late miscarriage. At least I can look forward to unloading on my doctor (poor guy) and getting an idea from him of what the next few weeks will bring. And it will be very exciting for my mom to see the ultrasound. She's never seen one live before.

Addendum: The sonogram was fine. No word on the sexes yet, but everybody looked normal-they were kicking each other through the membrane. My mom said that's a harbinger of things to come. Mom took the photos and copied them at Kinkos, but it's really much clearer when you're seeing them live and in action on the screen.

I have now gained 11.5 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. It seems very fast, so I have to keep reminding myself that I have twins and that a 40- or even 50-pound weight gain in the end will be normal and even beneficial. It's really hard to get yourself out of the usual "thin is good" mentality, but I'm trying. I keep telling myself I can get back to my old weight, my old jeans, and my old level of vitality when the time is appropriate.

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