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Week 17 ~ August 13, 2006
~ Last Journey

I am writing this week from my mom's house. I traveled here Thursday on what turned out to be the worst day for airports since 9/11. Dan drove me to the airport at 7:30 am. We listened raptly to the radio the whole time. Once he dropped me off, one of the people herding us around advised me to get rid of even the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I had brought for lunch because peanut butter and jelly might be considered "liquids." So I ate it in the 45-minute security line. The guy in front of me in that line had to throw away $200 worth of essential oils he was carrying in his shoulder bag. Later, I found out I got lucky. Other airports elsewhere in the country had even longer lines, and lots of people missed their planes.

It's been really relaxing since I got here, despite that beginning. I've seen a lot of family. My dad and his wife, Jeri, drove down from Wisconsin and spent the last few days with my sister and me. They bought me a bunch of maternity clothes and a fetal heart monitor. They also spoiled me with ice cream (the appetite is now barely controlled). My aunt and Grandma also came down on Friday night. We played a game of Yahtzee, which is a family tradition. My grandma told me I look like a little girl again. I've gotten lots of sleep, including two great naps (my mom's house is nice and cool, good for sleeping), and last night my mom and I watched Sense and Sensibility. After I finish this, I think I might take the dog for a walk before it gets too hot outside.

This is the last time my doctor wants me to travel. He thinks it's inadvisable for me to be more than 60 miles from them after 20 weeks. So I'm trying to live it up-the next time I come here, it will be with two babies, God willing!

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