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Week 19 ~ August 23, 2006
~ It's a . . .!

On Monday, Dan and I paid our first visit to a perinatologist, a routine event in twin pregnancies covered by my insurance plan. He did the big detailed diagnostic ultrasound that everyone gets around this time. Within the first five seconds or so, we found out that "Baby A" is a boy. It was so obvious-it was like he was sitting on the camera. Then we moved on to "Baby B," and it seems, with slightly less certainty (but the doc was still pretty sure, and I can tell you I didn't see anything like what I know I saw on the boy!), that this one is a girl. So we get one of each!

After that, the doctor and a resident he's working with proceeded to look at the rest of their anatomy. Everything looked great-healthy and normal-from their little four-chambered hearts to their developing brains and their widely-separated placentas. It was interesting, though not always entirely comprehensible, to hear him telling the resident about what he was doing. And as it always is, it was very reassuring to see them kicking and squirming around. He told us there's no guarantee that either of them will stay where they are. At this point, they still have a lot of room and could trade places, go from transverse to vertex, almost anything really. But as they get bigger, anything could happen. He told me I have a 50-60% chance of having a C-section.

We were very excited to see them so healthy and know their sexes at last and got to treat ourselves to another round of family phone calls. Everyone else seemed pleased, too, and the inevitable questions about names have now taken on a new urgency. But we're still taking our time about this. It will definitely be easier now that we know with whom we're dealing in there. For a while, we were looking at picking out four names and that was just a little bit too daunting.

The day after the ultrasound, I also got a call from the woman at the local twins club who coordinates the Big Sister program. This is what I think will be an awesome program where I get set up with an experienced mom of twins who can answer my questions, help me deal with worries and give advice. I'm excited about meeting her, too. She hasn't called yet, but I'm hoping to hear something soon.

I'm mostly still feeling good, but I do have a few complaints. I HATE sleeping on my sides. I wake up every time I have to turn over, because turning over means taking the body pillow I bought with me, which requires holding onto the covers with one hand and using the other to help my belly make the shift. Often I'll wake up because a shoulder or hip is starting to ache. We flipped our mattress two days ago, which seems to have helped a bit, but I'm not expecting this problem to go away until I give birth.

I also get little twinges all over my belly, little pains that worry me when they happen. They seem to be worse at the end of the day. I've read a lot about premature labor and don't have any symptoms described (the little pains don't feel like cramping, I have no back pain, gush of fluid, bleeding etc.), but this still worries me, so when it's there, I try to rest and drink lots of water, even if it means I'm in the middle of something at work. My next doctor visit will mark the time they start checking my cervix every time I'm in there. Like most people, I'm not overly fond of pelvic exams, but I'll be glad to have this done. You just hear so many horror stories.

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