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Week 20 ~ August 31, 2006
~ Is the Weather Turning?

I'm happy to say the weather is finally cooling off here in Colorado, which helps gravitationally-challenged pregnant women like me a great deal! Last week we had some mornings and evenings cool enough that I wished I had a sweater and thought I could smell fall in the air. Dan and I sleep with a window fan in our room, and it got chilly enough that I, the heat machine, actually needed the blankets again. It was nice to feel cuddly in my bed instead of just uncomfortable, and to welcome Dan's closeness (he's like a space heater). The only drawback is that the condo complex where we live is going to close the outdoor pool this weekend (Labor Day weekend; hopefully it won't be "labor day" for me). I've really appreciated my occasional swims.

Strangers now can tell easily that I'm pregnant. I've had my first unsolicited belly touchings, but they didn't bug me as much as I thought they would, maybe because none of them have been total strangers. Other encounters have been funny. Today I had to run a bit for the bus. Running is awkward, and I wouldn't have made it if the bus driver hadn't stopped and waited for me. He was a jovial guy, and when I told him running has, sadly, gotten a little difficult, he said, "Well, I imagine the sunny weather will come back for you very soon." That optimistic little comment made me feel good.

My mother-in-law and her partner, Patrick, are coming to stay the holiday weekend with us tomorrow. I will be very glad to see them, as will Dan. I've enjoyed hearing from her what Dan was like as a baby. Turns out he was even smaller than I when he was born (5 and a half pounds or so, compared to my 6 pounds, two ounces)-I wonder if this means our babies will just naturally be smaller, the twin factor aside. It's also good for us to have visitors because it forces us to clean the house. Neither of us is very obsessive about cleaning. We don't keep it a pig sty or anything, but let's just say we don't do a lot of dusting and scrubbing unless parental company (especially my mom or his) is coming. Hopefully this being relatively laid-back about housecleaning will make things easier on us when the babies are here and we don't have time for it whether we want to or not.

Off to work-I need to change clothes because I'm working the night shift at the library tonight and I know it will be chillier when I come out than when I went in. Bring on fall!

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