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Week 22 ~ September 14, 2006
~ Sobering Lessons

Terzah at 22 weeksOver the weekend Dan and I attended a two-day Marvelous Multiples class at the hospital. There were about seven or eight other couples there, all pregnant with twins, and the nurse who was our instructor has triplets. It was a really interesting class and a little scary. There was a lot of emphasis placed on the very real possibility of preterm labor and preterm birth and the reality of having babies in the NICU. This happens more frequently with twins and is something I knew about (Iíve read all the books!). But I was and to a certain extent still am in the camp of ďOh, that wonít happen to me. I feel great and was in good shape when I got pregnant and I take care of myself now.Ē What can I say? Iím an optimist.

But it was good to have a dose of that reality. We toured the NICU, which was nicer and homier than I thought, and heard stories from real people whose multiples were born early, including our instructor and another couple who brought their two-year-old twin girls in and answered our questions. We saw photos of those little girls when they were bornóso tiny!óand got to see what preemie diapers look like. Most people, we were told, think it could never happen to them. At least my head (if not my heart) now believes that this is a possibility for Dan and me. This week Iíve made a more concerted effort to rest, eat nutritiously, drink at least three Nalgene bottles of water a day (dehydration can provoke labor!) and celebrate each week the babies are inside me instead of feeling down that I canít exercise and am getting huger by the minute!

The other thing I learned from the class is that it can be really impolite to ask people pregnant with twins if twins run in their families or other questions along those lines. These questions, which Iíve gotten, too, donít bug me at all-óin fact, I enjoy them because they let me rave about how great and surprising this situation has been and how happy we are to be the first in many generations and hey isnít it cool that we got twins in only our second month of trying?! But apparently for people who were treated with fertility drugs or IVF, the question can be seen as a nosy way of asking about how their children were conceived. I found this out the hard way because I asked a woman in the class the ďrun in familyĒ question. She was really nice about it, but on the second day the issue of dealing with rude people came up and she put that very question out there in the group discussion as one way people try to nose in on the fertility issue. I felt really bad. The important thing now, of course, is that we all have healthy babies, not how they were conceived.

On another subject, thanks to those of you who wrote me about the baptism issue. Iíll write again about it as I get more information from my church. Hopefully weíll know soon what weíre going to do on that front.

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