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Week 24 ~ September 28, 2006
~ Buying a Car

Dan and I have a long list of pre-baby chores that we're slowly working through. Some of them are things like getting wills drawn up, looking into life insurance and evaluating our budget, which almost everyone in our situation is probably doing. Others are going to be pure fun, like registering for baby stuff for a couple of showers people are planning. The chore we're dealing with right now is buying a car.

We knew all along that if I got pregnant, we'd have to buy another car. We currently share Dan's Acura, which is a great car for a couple who also does a lot of self-powered commuting by bus and bike: good gas mileage, good engine, easy to park etc. But it's a two-door thing and that just won't work with two kids, as was really brought home to us last week when one of Dan's former co-workers who had twin boys gave us a pair of car seats that their kids have outgrown. You look at those car seats, then at our Acura-and you see there's just no way.

We have enough cash budgeted for a used car, not a new one. Despite the recommendations of the twins club folks and others, we can't afford a minivan yet. We don't have anything against minivans and definitely see one in our future. But for now a station wagon will do, so we've settled on a used Subaru Outback as our twin-mobile of choice. We tried to buy one from a dealer a couple of weeks ago, but someone else got to it before we made up our minds.

Then, on Tuesday, I spotted a classified ad for a 2001 Subaru Outback at a good price, a couple thousand less than the dealer's had been. We test-drove it that night (it drives well!), ran a Carfax report on it yesterday morning (it passed!) and today we're taking it to our mechanic for an evaluation. If he tells us it's a good car, we'll probably buy it. So keep your fingers crossed for us! Both Dan and I tend to hang on to cars for a long time-I haven't bought one since 1995 and he bought the Acura in 1997-so this process has been kind of fun. Still, we'll be glad when it's over. The rest of the chores list awaits, after all.

I haven't had any freak-outs this week (thank God), though I do get sort of paranoid if the babies aren't kicking to a level that I consider enough. I like it when they're really vigorous (unless I'm trying to fall asleep). I can't tell them apart by their kicks yet, but I seem to feel it slightly more on my right side than my left. Does this mean one is more active than the other, or that all of their fightin' limbs are on that side? Guess I won't know until my next doctor visit.

If anyone is curious about how my belly is progressing, a photo of me at Week 22 has been posted with that journal entry. I figure we'll take these photos every month or so until the big event.

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