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Week 25 ~ October 5, 2006
~ Odds and Ends

This has been a week of bits and pieces, so my journal entry will probably be all over the place, too.

We bought the Subaru! It wasn't perfect, but the seller went down as soon as he saw the mechanic's report, so in the end, the price was still right. We had all the needed repairs done and it's sitting in the garage now. We're keeping the Acura, too. Maybe at some point we'll be able to go back to being a one-car family, but while the kids are little, two cars will definitely make things easier.

We also got some gift registries up for the two showers that are planned for later in the fall. Last Saturday we hit the local twins' club sale, where we found all kinds of stuff at great prices-everything from our second crib (we're getting our first from some friends whose youngest is now in a "big kid" bed) to clothing to a play-yard for the floor. Once we had that, we were able to fill in the registry with stuff we still need. And I'll probably add some more after Monday, when I'm going to attend a breast-feeding class and will hopefully get a better feel for what equipment I need for that essential activity. I'm planning to try to breast-feed the twins for at least a year, but that will also entail them learning to take pumped milk from a bottle as well as the breast pretty early on. This will let me go back to work and give Dan an "in" on the feeding.

I highly recommend these big twins club garage sales for anyone expecting a baby, whether it's twins or not. The sale we went to is open to the public, as I imagine most of them are. If your area has a club, find out when their sales are and take advantage! I'm sure we'll go back for years-they had stuff for kids all the way up school age.

Today (Thursday) I had my second appointment with the perinatalogist. I can't remember if I mentioned that once I hit 20 weeks, they started having me alternate my visits every two weeks between my regular OB and a perinatalogist. The appointment was great. I had my first official cervix measurement and it's nice and long and closed, no sign of funneling! Yay! The babies, meanwhile, also look good. Each is still surrounded by plenty of amniotic fluid. They have changed position. Their heads are now on my right side, which explains why that side has felt heavier than the other when I lie down. The little boy is still Baby A (closest to the cervix), and the little girl is Baby B. Perhaps the coolest, we got our first estimate of their weights! Our son is about 2 pounds already, and our daughter is about 1 pound 11 oz. or so. The doctor seemed very pleased. He said he sees no reason, as long as I continue to feel good, why I shouldn't keep on at work.

Speaking of work, that's been busy this week, too, which is why this entry is late. I taught one staff class at the library this week and will teach it three more times over the next three weeks. In addition, I'm teaching another really long class, this one for the public, next Thursday night and preparing for a third class scheduled for November. I've already asked my boss if maybe someone else could teach that one (I'll probably be pretty big and uncomfortable by then)-but I still need to be involved in the prep for it. Despite all this, I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I love my job, but I'm looking forward to concentrating full-time on the babies for a while once they're here.

So slowly but surely we're working through the to-do list. I still haven't dealt with the baptism issue again beyond checking to see if my mom's church in my hometown has the same policy (they do; ugh). And I haven't called any day-care centers yet. That just seems like such a monumental task that I'm having trouble gearing myself up to tackle it. But I will start this week. The sand is running swiftly through the hourglass!

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