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Week 26 ~ October 12, 2006
~ Busy At Work and At Home

26 weeksTonight is the three-hour class I've been dreading since I found out in June or so that I'd be teaching it. My main worries are 1) I'm not really qualified to teach it and all the people in it will see right through me and be bored stiff after 30 minutes (my boss who retired had taught it several times, and she really knew her stuff) and 2) the stress of the prep and then of being up there for three hours (even if I'm sitting, which I plan to do) has been and will be bad for the babies. I don't feel like they've been kicking as much the last few days. I wonder if this is going to send me into another freak-out. I have a doctor's appointment next Thursday. Hopefully everything will be at least normal enough that I can make it to that. I plan to spend the morning reading, sewing and sleeping-so I hope some kicking will occur in the course of that.

My father-in-law and his wife are arriving tonight and staying the weekend! They'll be here when I get back after nine from teaching. This is good news, though we've had to scramble a lot to get our place cleaned up. The bathrooms still aren't as clean as I'd like. Dan was sweeping and dusting when I got home from work last night (I worked the night shift last night), but he didn't have time to get to the bathrooms. With his grad school and my pregnancy, we're both pretty useless late at night. But between the aforementioned activities of sleeping, reading and sewing, I should be able to at least get the toilets and the sinks clean (neither of these tasks require bending over!). It might even be good to take my mind off the class in an active way.

I'm sending the second belly picture to go with this entry. Pretty funny to observe the change! Other than my continued expansion, I'm not suffering horrible symptoms except heartburn and a strange sensation under my left breast that kind of alternates between numbness and real pain. My doctor said it's my ribs expanding. It doesn't bug me except when I try to sleep on my left side--so all of my sleeping has been on my right side, which in turn makes my right hip ache. Ah well! I know it could be worse. I have 1) no back pain so far (knock on wood-thank you, pre-natal yoga!); 2) not really too much difficulty breathing, unless I overeat; 3) no stretch marks yet (but I don't expect this to last, since I still have some on my hips and breasts left over from puberty); and 4) no swelling, even of my ankles (though I do plan to look pretty close after teaching the class tonight!). Even if these things do overtake me in the next few weeks, I'll know it won't be for too long--I hope that will help me through the discomfort.

Oh, and I think I'm now in the third trimester. Since it's twins, I probably have been for a while, but it's still nice to be official.

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