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Week 27 ~ October 19, 2006
~ Calming Down

Things are now calming down--thank goodness! The biggest tension in my life this week has been watching (or avoiding watching) my favorite baseball team, the St. Louis Cardinals, battle for the National League Championship. Tonight they won. So now I just hope the World Series against the Detroit Tigers doesn't send me into preterm labor. Dan is a Philadelphia Phillies fan. We're having serious discussions about having the kids grow up as Colorado Rockies fans, just so we don't fight over having them root for the Cardinals vs. the Phillies.

Lots of good news today . . . Visited my OB and everything looks great, from my cervix to the babies' amniotic fluid to their heartbeats. I took the glucose test and, if I don't hear anything tomorrow, can assume that I passed both it and the anemia screen. I don't feel anemic, so I'm not too worried about that, and the only thing that makes me worry about the gestational diabetes test is that so many people who thought they didn't have to worry about it found out they had it anyway. My weight continues to climb but a lot more slowly. I also went to the dentist today and have no problems with my teeth. Whew! That would have been the last thing I needed. And tomorrow I have a massage scheduled. I can't wait for that. It's really expensive ($65 an hour!), but Dan and I agreed it's worth it for me to have one a month until the birth.

Tomorrow we're also going to visit the first of two daycare centers I contacted early this week. This one is really close to our place and on the way to work/school for both of us. The second one, which we're visiting on Wednesday, is the one used by my "big sister" through the twins' club, which has a program to match pregnant women up with more experienced twin moms. I get to meet her in person for the first time tomorrow after the daycare center tour. She's giving me another body pillow.

And even better . . . we have NOTHING scheduled for the weekend. Can I just say how nice that is?

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