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Week 29 ~ November 2, 2006
~ Shower Week

Last Saturday was our first shower, a couples shower hosted by our friend Kristin, who Dan has known and worked with on and off for ten years. It was AMAZING. We're still shaking our heads over how to thank her properly. It lasted from 11 am until after 4 pm, and people wandered in and out all day, most clustering around lunchtime from 12:30 to 2 or so, some coming really late after their or their kids' sports events, some with babies, toddlers, preschoolers. It just so laid-back, and while I didn't get to talk to everyone I wanted to in the depth I wanted to, there were some great conversations over decaf and tiramisu by the time it wrapped up. And our babies got lots of wonderful gear. The kids who came enjoyed "helping" with the present-opening part, including playing with the paper and the empty boxes afterwards. We had two sets of twins there, four-year-old fraternal boy/girl twins and 18-month-old identical boys. One of the adult guests has a fraternal twin brother too.

Tomorrow night (Friday) is the shower my workmates are hosting. I'm really looking forward to it, too. Everyone is bringing either a quiche or a salad, we'll have cobbler with ice cream for dessert and apparently this one will include shower games. Ha! I know they can be really silly, but I'm looking forward to that part. It seems like a rite of passage. I still feel weird about accepting all the gifts, but I'm trying to chalk it up to good practice for asking for and accepting the help I know we'll need after the twins are born. I just want to make sure we write really good thank-you notes to everyone. I've gone from hating to write thank-you notes when I was a kid (little brat that I was) to truly enjoying it now. Looks like I'm going to be just like my mom about this particular issue!

Other things are falling into place, too. We chose a day-care! I'm going to call and put our deposit down right after I finish this journal entry. I'm very relieved to have this decision made, and in the end it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. The director of the place we chose has her own son there (as does my "big sister," Molly, from twins club), and she pretty much anticipated all of our questions when we toured the place Tuesday night. Also, the deposit guarantees that when it's time for me to go back to work, there WILL be a place in the baby room there for our kids. We are assuming three days a week of care, given that my schedule at work will always include a night shift and a weekend day, when Dan can be home with the babies. Whew!

Tomorrow (before the shower) is my next doctor's appointment, this one with perinatalogy again. Let's root for the old cervix to still be closed. I can't believe that on Monday I will be 30 weeks along, with probably only another seven or eight to go. That's so close!

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