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Week 31 ~ November 16, 2006
~ Trying Not to Hunker Down at Home

Another week, and I am still working, still checking off baby chores, still expanding!

The babies' movements are just as frequent, but I think they're getting pretty constricted in there because most of the movements are also more subtle. The only exception is when our little boy, who is the bigger of the two and the one lying closest to my cervix, hauls off and gives me a good kick in the rectum. Yes, the rectum-I'm not kidding. I wasn't sure about it-figured it must be gas-but it didn't feel like any gas bubble I've ever experienced-too localized and strong, and never accompanied by intestinal cramping. And I've been feeling it pretty frequently. So I asked my doctor about it when we were there a week and a half ago, and sure enough, the way he's sitting (he is still breech, his little behind literally on top of my cervix), he's in a great position to land strong kicks in that direction.

I am getting big enough where any outings other than work are best kept short and sweet. I'm just more comfortable at home in my PJ pants (the ones I'm wearing in ALL of the belly photos taken for this journal; yes, I do wash them!) and on the couch reading or sewing. Still, I am trying not to give in too much to this mentality. We're going to have plenty of at-home time after the babies arrive. Dan talked me into going to a housewarming party someone we know is having Saturday night. It means a 40-minute drive both ways, and you know how those parties are-lots of standing up to socialize, having to dress up a little (the bane of every pregnant woman's existence), wine I can't drink, etc.-so I was just going to send Dan by himself. But he really wants me to go and thinks it's good for me to get out and see people. And since he's probably right, I've decided to do it.

I'm also toying with getting my family to walk the local Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving since I can't run it. Dan and I ran last year's, which turned out to be a great thing. This year, my dad, his wife and my brother are all coming here for Thanksgiving. We'll see if I can talk them (and myself!) into it. It's something I'd like to make a family tradition.

People keep telling how lucky I am to still be at work, and I second that. But one thing that's really helped me is the belly support band I started wearing about two months ago. It takes at least some of the weight off my back (still no back problems for me at all!), supports my unhappy round ligaments and gets me through even an 8-hour day. I don't go out without it anymore. I definitely recommend this or something similar (my brand is the PreNatal Cradle) for any multiples mom, and for anyone in the third trimester who wants to keep working in reasonable comfort.

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