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Week 32 ~ November 24, 2006
~ Happy Thanksgiving!

I know what I am most thankful for this year: still being here and doing my thing, with both babies inside me and apparently content to be there!

Dan and I had a nice relaxing holiday yesterday with my dad, his wife, Jeri, and my brother. We scaled back our turkey plans on Monday night when Dan cut his righthand thumb on a ragged can top and had to have 5 stitches. I went with him to the emergency room and watched while the doc sewed him up. It wasn't really traumatic for Dan (he said later that watching the stitching process was "really interesting"), so I kind of enjoyed sitting there in the "spouse chair" and not being the patient for once. In the end, we made an easy chicken breast thing for our main course and surrounded it with traditional Thanksgiving side dishes (stuffing, green beans with almonds, mashed potatoes, apple pie with ice cream for dessert).

My dad and Jeri took us shopping on Tuesday. We are now the proud owners of a stroller, bedding for the twins, a pack-and-play that will fit both and can be used as a bedside bassinet and more clothing. They also bought us a video camera. As usual, all the gifts made us a little uncomfortable, but as Jeri said, new parents need to learn to say yes, especially to grandparents. They left this morning, but my brother is still here and will be until Sunday. He and Dan went out snowshoeing this afternoon, so I snuck out to buy Dan his birthday presents (his birthday is tomorrow) and now I'm getting ready for a nap.

At last week's Friday appointment with my regular OB, my faithful cervix was still closed (my doctor actually said it's "like a rock," which gave Dan a huge laugh) and the babies still surrounded by plenty of fluid. Little boy ("Baby A") remains breech, which means I'm probably going to have a C-section, but I was still relieved. I've really slowed down and gotten a lot bigger in the last two weeks, so I wasn't sure how that was affecting them. And because I've been warned from the beginning that C-sections are more likely with twins, I've prepared for it. The doctor said that this coming Friday's appointment with perinatalogy (where I will be close to 34 weeks) will probably be my last with them, and if I make it to my 36-week appointment back with him, we will be scheduling the C-section for sometime between Christmas Day and New Year's. Wow! We're going to have some holiday babies.

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