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Terzah's Twin Pregnancy Journal

Week 33 ~ December 1, 2006
~ Hospital Rehearsals!

It's amazing how fast things can change in pregnancy. It's also amazing how throwing twins into the picture can make it even crazier.

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving (Dan's birthday, and my brother, John, was still in town), I started feeling something that hadn't plagued me in months, cramps that felt like menstrual ones, and also started noticing just a little brownish blood in the toilet. I called the weekend nurse hotline and they told me to go to the hospital. The doctor on duty there checked me, and guess what? My cervix has started to open! After so many uneventful months on that front, Dan and I were a bit agog. They kept us there (my brother along with us) for about three hours. I had monitors on both babies (who looked great) and a contraction monitor. Though I had a few more contractions (turns out that's what my "cramps" were), my cervix didn't change again, so we got to go home. The doc told me not to work on Sunday or Monday and to go to the doctor on Monday for a recheck.

The next day, Sunday, I felt fine in the morning. John took us out to lunch, we all took naps in the afternoon, and in the evening we all took John to the airport. But I was nervous because the babies seemed really quiet and I was having some more bleeding and crampiness. I called the nurse line again and they said, yep, back to the hospital. This time, by coincidence, my regular OB was on duty. He felt we should stay the night and keep the contraction monitor on the whole time, then recheck me in the morning. He also recommended that, though the babies are probably past the dangerous time, I get the first of two steroid shots to help their lungs along, just in case this really was the beginning of "It."

The shot wasn't pleasant, but it wasn't as bad as all the descriptions I've heard. And both of us slept pretty well considering the fact that we were in a hospital and worried. Each room has a futon for dads, so Dan was pretty comfortable, and the nurses were so great. They even wheeled in a new bed for me so I wouldn't have to sleep on the labor and delivery bed. In the morning, we had a great breakfast. My doctor checked me and looked at the babies, and again there had been no change. He told me to rest all day and come in first thing Tuesday, when he'd be there to check me and I could get the second steroid shot. That visit turned out to be fine, too, so I went to work Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday. I lost my mucous plug on Tuesday night but had been told that might happen and not to fret about it unless I started bleeding really badly afterwards or my water broke.

We thought it was all over for a couple of days. Then yesterday (Thursday), as the day progressed, I began feeling stronger contractions that went beyond cramps and into real pain. I worked 2 hours in the morning but ended up calling the office and being told to come in. The doctor there checked me, and, though it didn't appear I'd dilated more since Tuesday, wanted to check me again that night when he was on duty at-you guessed it-the hospital. So back we went. Fortunately, there was no progress and we didn't have to stay the night again. I'm at home today, resting, ahead of a regularly scheduled perinatalogy appointment later this afternoon.

The doctor yesterday asked us, "Did they warn you guys that with twins you might be back and forth to the hospital a lot?" That's certainly proven to be the case this week. And it could go on like that for another three or four weeks! Part of the issue is that Baby A, our little boy, is breech (his sister is transverse, on top of him), so they're extra worried about problems on that front and more likely to send us to the hospital.

The good news is the babies are looking really good. Every time they've been on the monitor they've been spunky and active, and they both have plenty of fluid. None of this seems to frazzle them, even if it has us on edge. I wonder if this means they're going to be little terrors after they're born.

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