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March, 2000
~ One Year Update

Edmonds FamilyWhere did my little babies go? It's been a little over a year since Jacob and Rachel were born and it feels like just yesterday. Although I feel as if I've known these two little people all of my life. I guess I was just waiting for them.

Jacob and Rachel have turned into toddlers before our eyes. At their one-year checkup, Jacob weighed a 23 lbs and was 31 1/2 inches long. Rachel weighed 20 lbs and is 30 inches long. Jacob has a head full of light brown curls and Rachel's is brown with lots of blonde highlights and no curls. Wouldn't you know Jake would get them all! Just like his Dad! We think they are the most beautiful, sweetest little boy and girl in the world. Of course we are just a little bit biased.

It's been a crazy, chaotic, wonderful, happy, unpredictable year. I have cried, laughed and been more exhausted than I thought possible. I had no idea what taking care of a baby would involve, much less two. We, Larry and I, learned fast. We decided that I wouldn't go back to work even though it was what we planned all along. I just couldn't imagine leaving my little ones so soon after they were born. I knew and know that no one could care for them like I do. Our sacrifice would be that we wouldn't be building our house as soon as we hoped. We've been a little cramped at times but we believe that it is worth it. I wouldn't have missed this first year for anything. At times I do miss working or at least the socializing of working. I miss talking to adults, I miss having lunch with my friends, and I miss being able to leave the house every day. I also feel for Larry when he does have to leave every day. I know that he would love to stay home and be with the babies as well.

Larry hasn't missed much even though he works full time. Jacob and Rachel both started walking in the evenings when he was home. Jacob was first to do just about everything. He is like a baby possessed with the idea that he wants to do it all now. When he first learned to roll over, he would cry out of frustration when he was so tired that he could no longer do it. He would practice and practice until he finally got it right. He would even grab hold of Rachel and pull himself over. Very funny to watch. Rachel has done everything on her own terms. She has been in no hurry and isn't encouraged by watching Jake accomplish the task first. They both are such very different little individuals.

Having two toddlers in the house is incredibly challenging at times. Also lots of fun. They run from their room into our living room and play with each other. They chase each other and us, and even dance when Mommy switches the lullaby CD for Wynonna or something fun to dance to. They are so cute to watch shake their booties!

Seeing the impact they have had on others around us has been interesting as well. Larry's parents have been transformed into "Granny" and "Grandpa." They have their time with Jacob and Rachel every Friday night for a few hours while we go out to dinner and run errands. My parents, who have raised 7 children and were already Grandparents many times over, couldn't imagine two at once or the joy of two at once. They have proudly shown off pictures of their twin Grandbabies and "Granddaddy" displays his pride on a hat we gave him last year for Father's Day with the babies pictures on it. It's so incredible to be able to share your children with your own parents.

Larry and I feel incredibly lucky to have Jacob and Rachel in our lives. We are so blessed to have been "chosen" to be parents of twins. What an amazing experience it has been. I look forward to our future together, come what may.

Tracy and babies

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