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April, 2001
~ Two Year Update

Jacob and Rachel's bedWhere did my babies go?

Two years ago our incredible journey began with the birth of our beautiful twins, Jacob and Rachel. It has been the hardest and the most joyous two years of my life. I miss my little ones at times, but two year olds are so much fun. Especially two of them! They are such individuals now with great little personalities.

Jake is our little farm boy. We live in a rural area where tractors, farm animals, and barns are a familiar site. Last summer my husband, Larry, bought a new tractor. Since then, Jake has been obsessed with tractors of any kind. His favorite place to go is the tractor dealership. He often wakes up talking about them and will tell anyone who phones all about them. What a great little guy he is. He loves to give hugs and is very affectionate. He has a head full of curls and dimples like his Daddy. Most women and girls fall madly in love with him and his little personality.

Rachel is our little Mommy. She loves to play with her dolls, tea sets, and help Mommy with laundry. She looks after her brother and make sure he gets his sippy cup and snacks when she does. She will even try to feed him occasionally. Very cute! She is very much a Mommy's girl and a bit shy in new surroundings. She is already nurturing and maternal. She is going to be a great Mom someday. She is currently trying to potty train. Her idea, not ours, to start this early! She is doing pretty well, but still uses pull-ups at night.

I've been really lucky to be able to stay home with Jake and Rachel. But, it has also been tough not having the social interaction with other adults on a daily basis. I miss that. Once the kids are in school, I may take some classes and try to get back in the work force. For now, I'll try to remember that they will never be this young again.

After years of dreaming about it, we are finally building a house. We have just started the construction. Our builder says 3-4 months for completion. Not a day too soon for us, we need the extra room badly. Mostly for all the toys! Jake and Rachel will have their own rooms, but it will probably be a while before we separate them. They are such good company for each other. They graduated to toddler beds a few months ago and are doing pretty well. We bought the Little Tykes Fire Engine beds and they love them. Problem was, they thought they were to climb on not sleep in. After about a week they were sleeping well in their new beds.

BathtubAt this age, their communication is getting better, with me, and with each other. I try to teach them words for what they are asking for, and ask them to use them. They still bite or hit occasionally out of frustration. But they are learning that it hurts the other person and to say "sorry" and give kisses afterwards. They have learned to help each other too. Today, Rachel was driving their little battery powered Jeep and hit a low spot and needed a push. Jake went over and pushed her so she could get going again. I can only hope that they will be this helpful to each other all through life, helping one another get through the "rough spots."

When we first found out we were having more than one baby, we were so overwhelmed. And there have been many times since then where I've questioned my sanity! Now that we are out of the "baby fog" we can really enjoy these two little people more, watching them grow and learn. I'm looking forward to this next year of discovery and independence. Theirs and mine.

Jacob  Rachel

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