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Week Ten
~ Exam & All is Well!

This week I had my second appointment with Dr. H. I went alone this time. I will need Larry to go with me more later in the pregnancy and he needs to save his time off for then.

The physical went well. I met one of the nurse practitioners who did my exam. She said I have a long cervix, which is good. She also checked the size of my uterus and estimated that its size is 14-16 weeks. She said that is normal for triplets and twins. I also had a pap smear and my urine was checked for sugar and protein. All results were normal. The nurse suggested that I have a glucose test to check for early gestational diabetes. I drank this orange sugary stuff that didn't taste as bad as I thought it would. I would have to be tested again in an hour.

Dr. H came in and did another ultrasound ~ three healthy looking babies with strong heartbeats. I'm going back in two weeks. My blood pressure was higher than normal, and they want to keep a close check on that. It was 142/92 (my normal is 120/80) and I had been sitting in the same chair for the past 30 minutes not doing anything. They checked it several more times before I left, and it remained high.

I called the office the next day to find out about the glucose test results. I'm within the normal range. Yippee! I just knew I would fail this one. I'm sure I'll be tested again in a month or so. Normally they don't run this test this early. Again, I'm a special case thanks to the Insulin Resistance. Lucky me.

I have had to take so much (unpaid) time off for all these doctor visits. I'm sure my employer doesn't like it, but it's important that I get the proper care. I'm not going to use all my vacation time up to go either. We're going to Virginia for Thanksgiving week to visit my family. I'm excited to be going home. I haven't been home since last Thanksgiving. We usually try to go twice a year. My work has been pretty demanding this year. We've lost a valuable employee to another company. He was my only backup for payroll processing. So, as it stands I'm the only one in the company that knows how to do payroll or who knows this software. I think if I was my supervisor, I'd be a little nervous about that ~ especially when I could go on bedrest at some point. I'll have to train someone to do my job while I'm on vacation. I'm not taking a laptop on my vacation! I'm just hoping that I'll be feeling well enough to make the trip.

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