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Week Eleven
~ Sad News

Tracy's TwinsWe went for my 11-week appointment. Larry decided to go this time because he had a few questions for the doctor and because he will be out of town for 12 days for his Navy reserves duty. He's going to Charleston, S.C. I'd love to go with him, but I can't get away even for a few days right now.

There are two types of ultrasound machines that my doctor has access to. The one he uses most of the time is for just quickies. You can see the heartbeat, but that's about it. He usually performs them himself. It's not as well defined as the other machine. The other machine you can see the babies so much more clearly. I think the better machine has a higher frequency. For those machines, there is an actual technician who does the ultrasound. I like this better. You even get to lie down on an actual (soft) bed. This room is where my sister-in-law had her ultrasound training.

Dr. H did a quickie ultrasound, and it seemed like he wasn't finding all three heartbeats or at least he kept looking for something and wasn't finding it. He told us that he didn't see a third baby, and he'd move us to the better machine to see things more clearly. The third one could be hiding. The technician searched, and she didn't see anything either. Dr. H decided to have the technician try the vaginal ultrasound to see better (and deeper). Still, she only saw two babies. Dr. H didn't seem to be surprised by this. He said he has had two other couples who have reduced naturally that week. He told us how this is really better for the twins, and gave us much better odds at delivering closer to term.

We left his office feeling numb. I was terrified at the idea of having three babies and of course, wondered what I could have done. I know what I was feeling was normal and that this was a natural development that couldn't be avoided. We'll come to term with the loss in time. I guess now we can (I hope!) stop waiting for the other shoe to drop.

We called our family and told them the news over the weekend after we had time to ourselves. Everyone seems to be hopeful that the twins will be born healthy and maybe not spend so much time in the hospital. I can only hope and pray that happens.

Baby A  Baby B

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