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Week Twelve
~ Adjusting to Two

We're getting used to the idea of twins. We've even started to get a little excited about it. Larry left Sunday and will not return for 12 whole days! I have another appointment scheduled for week 13 the same day he'll be home. I'm taking a videotape hoping to catch some action on screen. It will be too soon to see the sexes of the babies. We do want to know what we are having. We need to be prepared especially with having two. My family and friends are making me crazy over this. They ask me every time I see the Doctor if we could see what they are. Its still too early I remind them, nicely. We may go to the office where my sister-in-law works at week 16 and have her see what she can see. I think it would be more exciting for her to do it.

I'm taking time to do things for myself this week. I'm getting lots of rest and working on my current cross-stitch project. I love to stitch and this really relaxes me and lowers my blood pressure. One night I went shopping with a friend from work and then out to dinner. We looked at lots of baby stuff, but I didn't buy anything. I guess I'm almost afraid to. We went to my favorite buffet Chinese restaurant. I only get to go with my friends or when my sister is in town. Larry doesn't like that type of food. I actually ate quite a bit tonight. I haven't had the best appetite lately. I lost nine pounds the first month, gained back seven pounds, and I've pretty much stayed there. I try to eat a lot of small meals or snacks throughout the day. I have been a fanatic about fruit lately, especially apples. I can't seem to get enough. I have been eating pretty healthy foods too ~ veggies, nuts, granola and oatmeal.

I'm looking forward to having hubby back home, but I'm going to try to enjoy this time alone. I went to the movie store today and rented three movies that my husband wouldn't want to see. All are real "chick" movies. I've also cooked the meals that he doesn't like and that I don't eat often for that reason ~ chicken and dumplings and tuna casserole. Both I can eat on for several meals. I'm starting to feel less nauseous so maybe I'll be able to eat a little more at a time.

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