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Tracy's Multiples Pregnancy Journal ~ a story of pregnancy after infertility

Week Thirteen
~ Doctor Appointment

Larry made it home safe and sound from his trip. I was very happy to see him! I went to the doctor on the same day he returned. It worked out great because I was home early and I was there when he arrived. We relaxed all weekend. I did lots of cross-stitch and he took our dog, Harley (mutt), fishing with him.

The doctor's office moved up my appointment time because they had "something going on after 3:00 pm," whatever that meant. I didn't get to actually see Dr. H this time. I was checked over by the Nurse Practitioner Pat. My urine showed one plus on protein. They aren't too worried about it yet because on my last visit I showed the same. They retested me that day and sent it to the lab. They showed no protein. They checked for urinary tract infection and got a negative on that as well. Pat told me to make sure that my bladder is really full next time I come in. I have a 40 minute drive so I guess I'll just drink as much water as possible on the way there and hope I don't get stuck in traffic!

Everything else was fine. My blood pressure was 130/80 ~ much better than the prior visits. I was ecstatic that it was down. Maybe it has something to do with Larry being gone for two weeks . . . coincidence? Seriously though, I did get a lot more rest. I guess that really does help. Pat did another quickie ultrasound. The pictures I got weren't good enough to be able to decipher what is what. I hate that machine that they use. I'll move on to the better machines in a few weeks. What I did see on the screen was two babies facing head-to-head lying on their backs. One of them even had the hiccups! It was so cute! They are starting to look like babies now. Their backs have straightened. I still can't feel much. I feel a flutter here and there but no real movement. I'm looking forward to when I can.

Over the weekend I looked everywhere for a product called seabands. It is supposed to help with motion sickness and nausea. It works on the theory of acupressure and you wear it around your wrist. I'm ready to try anything. I'm still sick off and on through the day and it really bothers me when I ride in the car with someone else.

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