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Week Fifteen
~ Flutters

I started feeling little movements of my babies this week. It's not all the time or even everyday. It's like a pulling or pushing down there. It isn't anything I've ever felt before so I figure it must be the babies. I can't wait until Larry can feel the little monsters moving around too.

We are hoping to find out what sex the babies are next week. Larry's sister will have time to scan us on Thursday (October 15th) afternoon. We are dying to know ~ not to mention our families who can't wait either. My regular doctor appointment is scheduled for Friday. They don't seem to be in a big hurry to check for the sexes. This appointment will probably be for an AFP blood test. I'll be week 16 and from what the nurse said, they usually test between weeks 15-18. I've gone back and forth over whether or not to have this test done. Larry thinks we should have any test the doctor recommends. It will not matter if the tests say that my babies aren't "normal" or will have some defect. I guess it will only prepare us now for what may happen. I guess every expectant Mom worries about the health of the little lives that she is carrying. I'm certainly no exception.

No good news on the house plans. We're still looking for a builder. We've talked to several and now we're waiting on their bids. I hope we can be in a house by Spring. It will make everything so much easier ~ especially for the storage space.

I ordered the SeaBands and started using them about a week ago. They seem to work. I put them on when I know we are going to be riding around for a while in the car. Because I put them on before I start to feel sick, I have to assume they are working. I feel a little silly wearing them in public, so I remove them before we get out of the car. I am still suffering from a little nausea during the day, but not nearly as bad as it was. Now I just have the backaches when trying to sleep at night, and my body feels sore all the time. No weight gain yet. I'm sure it's coming though. I can feel that my stomach is growing. I don't look pregnant yet and haven't had to buy any maternity clothes, only larger size jeans and shorts.

I'll be sure to update as soon as we get the results from our ultrasound. Keep your fingers crossed that the babies cooperate and show us what they've got!

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