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Week Eighteen
~ It's a . . . and a . . .!!

Announcing . . . It's a girl and a boy!!

I called last week to get my results from the AFP test. The nurse said the levels were "borderline high" and that I should come in the next day for a complete ultrasound. I know these tests are often wrong, especially when dealing with multiples. I couldn't help but worry. I knew that I did everything that I knew of to prevent any neural tube defects. I was on a multivitamin for a year before we got pregnant, and so was Larry. We both wanted to make sure we had folic acid present when we finally did conceive.

That night we tried not to worry. We went in Friday afternoon for the ultrasound. The technician was great. She went straight to Baby A who is located closest to the cervix. It wasn't long before she identified that baby as a boy! Larry was beside himself with joy! I was pretty excited myself. Our baby boy weighed 7 ounces at the time of the ultrasound. He measured about 17 weeks and 4 days. He looks very healthy. No sign of neural tube defects.

Baby B who is located behind my belly button, was a little harder to see at first. Finally, it opened its legs to reveal that it's a girl! She is healthy as well. Just an ounce smaller than her brother. She was 6 ounces that day. They both have gained two ounces since our last ultrasound a week before. She measured 17 weeks and 2 days, right on schedule! No sign of neural tube defect with her either.

The doctor on call for ultrasounds that day wasn't my usual doctor, but I had met him before. He looked over both babies and determined that both were extremely healthy. Not to worry. He thinks that my levels may have been slightly elevated due to the fact that I was carrying triplets. He said that I was doing great and to just enjoy my babies!

Both our families are so excited for us. We were really hoping for one of each. Especially with my fertility problems, this may it for us. I went shopping Saturday while Larry had Navy Reserves duty. I bought pink and blue outfits that matched. I couldn't resist the pink and blue bibs that said I love my Daddy! I still can't believe how lucky and fortunate we are. We are definitely thanking God everyday for these two tiny miracles! Of course, I might not say that when they hit their teens!!

No names yet. I like Sarah Grace or Elizabeth Grace. Larry likes Holly for a girl and Sam for a boy. We'll keep playing the name game now that we know what we're expecting!

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