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Week Twenty
~ Right On Target!

It's still a girl and a boy! I went for my regularly scheduled anatomy scan Friday. I had the ultrasound technician verify that we are still having a boy and a girl. She looked at both babies and showed me that they are indeed still one of each. Both still look very healthy. Our baby boy, Jacob, is approximately 10 ounces and his sister, to be named later, is about 9 ounces. Both are right on target. I love seeing my babies move around and stretch. If it were possible, I'd be attached to that machine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dr. H looked at the ultrasound and declared everything was going well. He then instructed the tech to scan my cervix to check for measurement. It looks like my cervix is long enough. I guess that's important right now. He then physically checked my cervix while the tech scanned it. That was a little weird! We could see his finger bones on the ultrasound. He felt that my cervix might be a little soft even though the ultrasound showed it was fine. Just to be safe, I have to go back in two weeks for a regular office visit, and he'll recheck me. That works out great because I'll be leaving the next day for my vacation. I'd like to get an okay from him before we leave.

It looks like we won't be building our new house anytime soon. I've been pretty stressed out because of this. We are living in a two-bedroom trailer on our property, and it just doesn't have enough room for us anymore. Larry purchased it when he was in the active Navy and rented it out to pay for itself. When we married it was great ~ no rent or house payment. Now, we have just outgrown it and are having a hard time with the idea of paying so much for a house payment. We'll stay in the trailer a little longer. It's really the smart thing to do with me expecting two babies soon. This way I can be out of work as long as I need to and it won't affect us as much financially. We're going to paint the spare bedroom and put up some Classic Pooh wallpaper border to make it look more like a baby's room. At first, the babies will be in our room anyway.

I guess if it weren't this making me crazy that it would be something else. My hormones are a little overactive lately! I seem to be more sensitive to everything. I'm not walking around crying all the time or angry; I just feel more emotional. Of course, I've always been one to cry at sad movies and shows. Touched By an Angel gets me teared up every Sunday night. I love that show.

I'm feeling pretty good this week. I do at times feel like I'm carrying around a load of bricks. I feel heavier. No weight gain yet though. I'm mostly in my maternity clothes now. I've got a few pants that I can still (barely) wear. Even those that have an elastic waist and are not maternity are getting a little too snug to be comfortable. I don't want to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe so I've been buying a few things at a time. I just hate to wear the same things over and over to work every week. Oh, well. I can be a fashion plate at this stage in my pregnancy anyway. Right now I'd settle for big comfy clothes to wear all the time. I'm just lucky that I have the type of job where I can dress business casual. I can't imagine wearing heels and dresses every day.

Just a couple more weeks until our vacation. I'm really looking forward to the break from work. We'll be staying with my parents for ten days. I'm looking forward to being babied a bit. My mom will cook all my favorite meals, and my dad will order out from my favorite Chinese restaurant. I won't have to do a thing that I don't want to do or won't feel like doing. I'll be able to take as many naps as I want (Yay!). My parents and family really go out of their way while we're there. We get to spend lots of quality time with them. I guess quality is better than quantity. I'm not looking forward to the long drive though. I imagine the usual 9-hour trip will be turned into a 10 or more hour trip. I'll have to stop at more rest stops I'm sure! From what I've read this is the best time in a pregnancy to be traveling. The second trimester is the most comfortable. Plus, that dreaded all day sickness and carsickness is gone!

I'll be updating my journal from Pam and Ryan's (sister and brother-in-law) computer to keep everyone up to date. Thanks for all the great e-mail that I've been getting. I try to respond to as many as possible. Keep it coming. I love hearing from everyone.

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