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Tracy's Multiples Pregnancy Journal ~ a story of pregnancy after infertility

Week Twenty-Four
~ "Car-Hop" and Those Pregnancy Hormones!

I'm feeling a little more emotional this week than usual. I'm sure Larry would agree! I seem to tear up at the slightest thing. I've been more tired as well which I think is contributing to my emotions as well. I guess all that is to be expected. Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty good.

My appointment with Dr. H went well. I've only gained two pounds since the last visit. I guess that would be a pound a week. I'm showing more and more each day. The twins must really be growing now and putting on weight. My blood pressure was a little high again this visit. Dr. H is really concerned about how up and down my blood pressure can be. I suppose this will mean bedrest eventually. This time I also had protein in my urine. I didn't drink near enough water that day so I'm hoping that's all it was. I've had protein before, but once I started drinking more water it seemed to help. Dr H gave me another saliva test to perform. He is testing as much as possible for signs of preterm labor. The first test results indicate that I'm within the normal range. I also had to have another non-stress test to check for contractions. The test didn't detect anything, and I haven't been feeling anything. My next appointment is in two weeks. At that time they will do my week 25 anatomy scan. I'm looking forward to seeing how big these babies are getting.

I feel the babies moving more and more each day. They both seem to be active in the morning and around lunchtime. I hope this means they won't keep me awake at night as I begin to feel them more. Larry hasn't been able to feel anything yet. It's still a little early. I can't wait until he can feel our little miracles moving and growing like I can.

It's hard to believe Christmas and the New Year are almost here. Once the holidays are over, it won't be long before the babies arrive. Hard to imagine. Two at once! I'm already looking forward to future Christmases and how much more exciting they will be with two little ones to buy for and do for. It just doesn't seem like Christmas without small children around ~ to really enjoy seeing it through their eyes. The excitement and anticipation as they wait for Santa to arrive. How great the years to come will be!

Well, it's official. Larry and I are now proud owners of a mini-van! We bought a Ford Windstar, which has the five star safety rating. That's important due to the cargo we'll be carrying soon! I never thought I would see the day when Larry would even want to drive a "family car." He loves (Ford) muscle cars and until recently had two 5.0 Ford Mustangs and a 1977 Ford truck with a 460 engine. Of course, he only had to give up one Mustang for the van. He can still enjoy the cars when the babies aren't along for the ride. I drive a Ford Thunderbird, which I consider a family type car so the jump won't be as extreme for me. I guess that means our little family of two (not counting pets) is growing up. We really need the van just to have enough room for the babies and accessories (stroller, etc.). It will make traveling to Virginia much easier as well.

I'm missing my family a little this week. It's always hard after being with them and having to say good-bye all over again. I think I cry every time we leave. I'm sure the pregnancy hormones didn't help. I'm looking forward to having my parents and sister and her family visit once Jacob and Rachel arrive. Of course, I'll be post-partum so I'm sure the tears will be flowing once again.

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