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Week Twenty-Five
~ Waddling and Getting Bigger!

There's no denying it now ~ I'm waddling. I'm not sure when it happened, but suddenly I realize it's true. I'm also getting very big. I looked in the mirror at myself sideways and couldn't believe how much I've grown just since Thanksgiving. It's hard to believe that I've got at least a couple of months more to go! I'm going to have Larry take some pictures of me by the Christmas tree and if there are any that I'm not totally ashamed of, I'll scan them for this journal.

I'm feeling the babies move so much more now. Jacob seems to be the one I feel mostly. I worry about not feeling Rachel as much, but I remember why that is. The ultrasound tech explained that it's because of the umbilical cord for Jacob is below him and he is closer to my skin and Rachel's cord is above her making her further from the surface. I'm sure I'll be feeling them much more as the weeks go by.

Tomorrow (Friday) is our next ultrasound. I'm hoping Larry will be able to get away from work to go with me. It's much more fun when he can share it with me. I'm hoping to get more pictures to share with everyone. I can't wait to see how much they have grown since our last complete ultrasound (week 19). I love watching them move and kick. It gives us a little window of what's happening as I feel it. I'm going to drink some juice before going in. I've heard that this really gets them moving.

Well, we've finally finished cleaning out our spare bedroom. We've managed to keep the twin bed that Larry had when he was younger. I wanted to have the extra bed for me to sleep in to be near them. Also, when my sister visits she'll have a place to sleep. She'll be coming for two weeks sometime after the babies are born to help out. What a Godsend that will be. I've ordered some cribs that Larry and I found in the JC Penney catalog. We really wanted the type that will grow with them by converting into day beds and eventually into double beds, but they are just too expensive. So, we went with two basic cherry colored cribs with a changing table to match. I'm excited about getting the room ready for our two precious bundles.

Christmas is almost here. It's hard to believe. I'm already looking forward to next Christmas and being a family of four. The twins will be 8 or 9 months by then. How fun that will be! Santa will have his hands full. I think I will make an effort when taking pictures of the twins to try to get individual ones as well. I don't want them to always be thought of as a pair. Especially when they are older and want pictures of themselves when they were little. Maybe those of you with twins can give me some advice on that. What have you done to make your twins feel like individuals?

I'm still feeling pretty good except for the occasional backaches and pressure from the weight of both babies. I have heartburn more often and eat my share of Tums antacids. I'm supposed to have at least three a day for the extra calcium. No problem there. I've had some minor swelling, but have really noticed what a difference it makes to drink lots of water. I've noticed my feet seem to be getting larger, but they don't really feel swollen yet. Certain shoes just feel a little tight. I've Christmas shopped in moderation trying not to do the mall scene. I get tired faster so I've learned to take it easy when I can. Just working from 8 am - 5 pm everyday can wear me out. I don't have the energy to do much. My house is in a constant state of disaster, and I don't seem to care right now. I guess I'm waiting for that nesting instinct to kick in! I'm sure Larry is too!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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