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Tracy's Multiples Pregnancy Journal ~ a story of pregnancy after infertility

Week Thirty-Two
~ Great News!

It's hard to believe that we've made it past the 32-week mark! A few weeks ago I wasn't so sure. But, we did it! It won't be long now. We had an appointment yesterday with Dr. H. My Gestational Diabetes seems to be under control now. The hardest thing is waiting two hours now between eating a meal and testing my blood. I'm hungry all the time. I don't want to eat much at one time, but I want to eat all day long. I did gain 4 pounds over the past two weeks so Dr. H. was happy with that. My blood pressure was a little elevated so he's now concerned about Pregnancy Induced Hypertension. He had the nurse take some blood to check for it. I have to call Monday for results. He's no longer concerned about my cervix. He says that at this point it's no longer a major problem. Very good news! We asked him how long he thought I could go before delivering, and he seemed to think it would still be several weeks away. I thought that most twin pregnancies were considered term at 36 weeks, but he said if everything is ok that I conceivably go further.

I think I finally had a contraction. It wasn't like anything I've felt before or since. It was only one. It felt like a really bad menstrual pain on my right side and radiated down my leg. Dr. H. says this is normal to have an occasional contraction. It did remind us of how close we really are to the end of our journey. I think it scared Larry a little. He kept waiting for the other contractions to start. I'm sure he was as relieved as I was that it didn't continue.

I'm going to start doing a little more now, or at least get out of the house a few times a week. Maybe go out to dinner a few times and visit with family more often; things that we won't be able to do for a while once the little ones arrive. If we make it through Valentines Day, Larry has promised to take me out for a nice dinner. I savor our time out alone together now. I guess being cooped up in this house alone all day for almost two months now is the main reason. The other is knowing that soon if we want to go out we'll have a table for four or a babysitter.

Everyone around us is starting to get excited and anxious. Our parents and families are ready to meet their newest members to the family. It's funny when we call people now. I feel like they are expecting us to say we're at the hospital delivering. Or if we aren't home or are outside and can't get to the phone, I know they are wondering if it's time! I'm sure Larry's family will be at the hospital as soon as possible. It's very difficult for me knowing my parents and family won't be. I knew when we moved to Tennessee that it would be tough being away from my family, but times like this really intensify those feelings. I do think that living further away has actually made us closer believe it or not. We have to make more of an effort to keep the communication going. Plus, when we go home to visit we are with them for usually a long weekend or over a week. Most families who live close by don't even spend that much time together. I am looking forward to their visit. They are planning to be here after the babies are home for about a week. That way they can help out once Larry goes back to work. I'll need all the help I can get! I'm just not sure what I'll do when everyone leaves and goes about their lives, and I'm still at home taking care of two babies!

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