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Week Thirty-Three
~ Wild Hormones

We've made it another week! I wasn't sure we'd make it this far. ~ especially when Dr. H first put me on bedrest before Christmas. At the most we have six more weeks left. Dr. H said that he would let me go as far as possible even though term for twins is 36 - 37 weeks. As long as Mom and babies are doing well that is. I've kinda lived everyday thinking today could be it, but I'm still feeling like it's a dream. We are actually going to be parents soon. We're going from a couple to a family of four. Wow!

One of my bedrest projects while at home has been organizing photo albums. This has become quite tedious, and I can see why I've let the pictures pile up instead of putting them in albums. I have hundreds of adorable pictures of my nephew Trevor ~ at least two or three extra large albums worth. I found some really sweet ones of Larry and Trevor shortly after Trevor was born. He's almost five years old now so it's hard to remember him being so tiny. Larry was so great with him. Larry and I were newly engaged at the time, but I remember knowing this was one of the reasons I wanted to marry him. I knew he would be such a great Dad. I've dated lots of guys who were not marriage/family material and was I beginning to think all men were like that. We've been married now for about 4 1/2 years and I wouldn't trade him for the world. Can you tell my hormones are running amuck! I'm getting too mushy!!

No doctor appointments this week. My next appointment is Friday, February 19. My pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) test was negative. I'm sure Dr. H will have me tested again next week. I'll be 34 weeks and 3 days at my next visit ~ if I make it that far! I'm hoping I'll make it at least past the 36 week mark.

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