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Tracy's Multiples Pregnancy Journal ~ a story of pregnancy after infertility

Week Thirty-Four
~ Ready!

At this point I am so tired of being pregnant! I never thought I would say that especially with what we went through to get this far. I hate not being able to do the normal daily activities ~ bending to pick up stuff is one major thing; sleeping is another one. The recliner and I have become one lately. I sleep the best there. At least I am sleeping. I remind myself that very soon that will change. I'm scared to death and unsure of what to expect once they are here!

Friday's appointment went well. The non-stress test indicates babies are still doing well, active with strong heartbeats. They took more blood for another PIH test. I called today to find out the results. The nurse said that the levels were higher than expected. I have to see one of the nurses tomorrow to pick up items I will need for my 24-hour urine collection that I now need. I'm going in tomorrow for just a non-stress test and Friday I go back in for another non-stress test, ultrasound and doctor visit. I'm to go in twice a week for the non-stress tests and once a week to see the doctor. I'll turn in the collection on Friday. I guess this will give them a better indication of whether or not I have pregnancy-induced hypertension. If it's higher than normal, they will put me in the hospital to try to get the levels down. I'm not sure how much longer they would like to see these babies hang in there. They should be over 5 pounds a piece by now, but I'm sure they still have lots of developing to do.

I gained another four pounds over the past two weeks. That makes eight pounds in the past month. I'm not sure of the total gained anymore. I'll have to check Friday.

Larry's cousin gave birth to an adorable baby girl over the weekend. We got to see and hold her. She was only about 12 hours old. At 8 lbs, 2 oz, she seemed so tiny that we realized how much smaller ours will be. Seeing her made us more anxious to see and hold our own. What an incredible feeling that must be to finally hold your babies for the first time! It may be anytime now. I guess we are as ready and prepared as we can possibly be. We hope anyway!

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