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Tracy's Multiples Pregnancy Journal ~ a story of pregnancy after infertility

Week Four
~ We're Pregnant!

I've felt kinda sick to my stomach all weekend. Smells are particularly making me feel nauseous ~ especially peanut butter. I know that it could just be my imagination or the HCG shot, which can give me pregnancy symptoms. My breasts have been really tender and sore, but I know that this is because of the shot. I just can't help but hope! I decided to stop at the drugstore on the way home and buy a home test. I even bought a two pack just in case it's too early to tell, and I have to retest. I'm not even late yet. But, I can't wait any longer.

I rushed into the house and went straight to the bathroom to pee on the stick. It's probably stick number 50 at this point. I'm not expecting much. It's always negative. I sit and watch the test line turn pink and then the next line turn pink. I then waited for the second line to disappear. It didn't! I'm actually pregnant!

I ran outside and asked Larry how he would feel about being a Daddy in nine months. He looked at me confused, and I showed him the stick that I had been hiding behind my back. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY! He is as thrilled as I am!

I called my doctor first thing that next morning and set up and appointment to go in that day for a HCG blood test and a progesterone test. They confirmed my pregnancy, and my numbers were 231 for HCG and 15.1 for progesterone. Everything looked good and I won't have to take progesterone supplements. My next appointment was two days later where the doctor expected to see my numbers for HCG double. Boy did they! It was 525. This seemed high to me, but I didn't mention it to the doctor. I was just happy to see it double.

My next appointment is scheduled for two weeks from now. We should be able to see the heartbeat by then. Larry will go with me for this big event.

I'm still in a state of disbelief. I'm finally pregnant! I feel like shouting it from the rooftop. We're not telling everyone just yet ~ only a few friends and my younger sister, Pam, who is my best friend, and I've sworn her to secrecy.

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