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Tracy's Multiples Pregnancy Journal ~ a story of pregnancy after infertility

Week Five
~ Scares and Telling the Family

I started spotting this week. I know that some women do spot some during pregnancy. Several women I work with and women on the Internet group that I subscribe to have experienced the same thing. I feel a little better knowing I'm not the only one and that they had healthy babies. One day at work I felt a terrible cramp. I wasn't lifting anything or doing anything strenuous. I went to the bathroom just to check and when I wiped there was bright red blood on the tissue. I got so scared and wanted to cry. I just knew I was miscarrying.

I called the doctor's office and immediately talked to a nurse. My favorite, Carol, was on vacation, so I talked to someone else who assured me that it could be nothing. She said that I'd better go home and put my feet up and rest. By the time I got home the bleeding was down to just spotting. I'm feeling a little better, but I stayed up most of the night scared to death that I was losing my baby. Of course this didn't help. I felt horrible by morning and decided to take the doctor's advice and stay home and rest again. My Dr left a message on my machine saying that my HCG levels could indicate a multiple pregnancy and that I may be losing or have lost one. I didn't lose any tissue so I didn't feel that I had miscarried. I'm still worried to death anyway.

My appointment is next week. I'll feel better after seeing for myself on the ultrasound that everything is okay. I really need to see the heartbeat now. I'll be able to relax a little then.

We decided to go ahead and tell our family and friends. If we do miscarry we want them to know so that they will be there for us. I called my family and my parents were ecstatic. They knew we were trying and they were so thrilled for us.

We went to Larry's parents' house that night. I purchased a Precious Moments figurine a few days ago in anticipation of this event. This will be their first Grandchild and we wanted to tell them in a special way. It's my parents' tenth grandchild. I'm the last in my family of six (3 brothers, 2 sisters) to have children. Anyway, the figurine is a little sailor baby in diapers with a pail of water in front of him and a sailboat half sunk. I can't remember the verse on the bottom that tells which one it is. Larry and his Dad were both in the Navy so I thought this was perfect! I put a sticker on the bottom that said "Love, Larry, Tracy and Baby." His Mom read it and excitedly asked if we were going to have a baby. Both his parents were excited for us. They didn't know we were trying so I think it really surprised them.

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