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Tracy's Multiples Pregnancy Journal ~ a story of pregnancy after infertility

Week Six
~ First Ultrasound

Larry and I took the day off so that we could go to the doctor appointment at 10:30 am and not worry about rushing back to work. We wanted to really enjoy this day. We earned it for sure. My doctor's office was pretty backed up when we got there, and we had to wait for an hour to be seen. Larry didn't eat anything for breakfast. He thought we'd be right in and right out. I warned him, but he didn't listen. I've waited longer than an hour before.

When we finally got in, my doctor did a vaginal ultrasound to see the heartbeat. She had barely begun when she said that she saw two heartbeats! I'm lying on the table and looking as she is pointing them out on the screen. I can barely make out what she is looking at. Then she moves the probe some more and tells us we have one more. It looks like one set of identical twins and then a fraternal. I'm in shock at this point and looked at Larry to see his expression. He turned pale, and I wondered if he needed to sit down for a minute. My doctor asked him that very question. He said he was okay, just shocked.

We were hoping for just one, two would be great too. But three! How does one person take care of three babies?! We couldn't say much or ask many questions. We didn't really know what to feel. We were numb. We didn't tell our family at first. We had the whole day to worry about what we were going to do with three babies! My doctor warned that we could still lose one. It happens a lot with multiple pregnancies. Often they reduce on their own.

We've got a lot to think and worry about. We called my parents and sister and told them. They were shocked and worried that I might not be able to carry three. Next, we went to his parents who were shocked as well. From there we told the rest of Larry's family, his cousins, Aunt and Uncle and Grandmother. Of course they were shocked as well. It's a good thing the doctor gave us pictures of the ultrasound or no one would have believed us!

I guess the reality of triplets will soon set in with us. I hope!

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