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Tracy's Multiples Pregnancy Journal ~ a story of pregnancy after infertility

Week Seven
~ Getting Used to the Idea of Triplets

We are still pretty much in shock at the thought of three babies. We're tired of hearing "what are you going to do?". What do they expect us to say? We're not going to "do" anything. We'll handle whatever happens when the time comes.

Larry and I recently purchased some land (seven acres) from his family that we are living on now. We want to build a house, or should I say we really need to build a house now. We are living in a trailer that Larry bought while he was in the Navy and rented it out to pay for itself. Right now we have no house payment so it's hard to look at paying $700 a month or more for a mortgage. That's why we haven't built before now. Our trailer is a two bedroom, and we could make do with one crib for the babies at first. But, we'll need more room soon. We've talked to several builders and they just want too much money. We've scaled down our expectations and will do some of the work ourselves. We're shopping for other builders now. I'd really love to be in a new house by the time the babies arrive. I just hate the thought of moving while very pregnant! At least we'll be building directly in front of where we live now. We'll be able to sell the trailer as soon as we empty it and clean it up. I just hope we can find someone affordable and dependable soon.

I'm still spotting here and there. Nothing too serious. I wear a thin pad/liner constantly just in case. I hope this disappears soon. I get frantic every time I see the blood. I've heard recently that it is normal early in the pregnancy especially for multiples. I'm not sure why, but I'll accept that for now. My doctor didn't seem worried about it, so I'm relieved a little. I've still got a long way to go though.

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