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Week Nine
~ Name Game x 3

This week has been pretty uneventful. We have started thinking about possible names. I like Noah James but Larry's not crazy about it. He'd like us to name one of the babies (should we have at least one boy) after his Paternal Grandfather who he called Pappaw. His name was James Cecil. He went by Cecil. He passed away last year from cancer, and there isn't a day that goes by that Larry doesn't miss him. His Pappaw was retired when Larry was little and he spent lots of time with him and his cousins taking them camping, fishing, etc. He was a good man, and Larry learned a lot from him. I think that is one reason that he'll make such a great Dad. He had two great role models ~ his Dad and his Pappaw. Larry loves spending time with our nephew and Godson Trevor. He is four years old and already loves to fish.

I'm not crazy about the Cecil name. I would like to use James because it's my Dad's name as well. I have a brother James Jr. and nephew James III, so I'd like to use this as a middle name. We did agree on one name that we like, Elijah. Of course Larry will call him Eli and I'll probably stick with the full name. So, we have one name, Elijah James. Now we need two more boys names and three girls names. No easy task!

My next appointment with Dr. H is next week. I'm going in for a full work-up ~ physical and "teaching." I'm not sure what teaching means. I'll just have to wait and see.

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