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Birth Story
~ Welcome Lucas!

On Monday, November 22, we were scheduled for the "version" to try and flip Lucas into position. We arrived at hospital at 3:30 pm and had to wait in the main lobby until there was a room available for us in the birthing suites. Seems the looming full moon had things hoping there!

Once in the room we learn that we are also going to be induced after the version, no matter the outcome. Yeah!!! Good thing we brought the hospital bag with us. About 4:30 pm we had a room and the version was attempted, but no luck. Each time Dr. G. got him turned halfway, he'd flip back into his breech position. So it was decided that I'd be started on a slow pitocin drip, and we'd attempt a vaginal breech delivery. I slept all night with dh in the pull out couch next to me. In the morning my pitocin was increased and I still was not feeling contractions, except for some crampiness, period like. About 9 am I was checked, and to my surprise I was 7-8 cm and still having no contraction pain. Pitocin was increased again, now up to 45 ml an hour, started at 2 ml an hour the night before. I labored for another hour and now had to breathe through a few. But I was still able to laugh, talk, and sleep. And I was hungry!!! I had not had anything since lunch the day before.

At 10 am I was readied for delivery in the OR as he was still breech and we had to be in there in case of a c-section. Once in the OR we had a few minutes of panic; the baby's heart rare was not being picked up on monitor. It turned out to be a bad monitor. Phew! I was checked again and I was still at 8 cm and the baby was very high. It was also discovered that he was now in a Complete Breech position and not Frank Breech any longer. Dr. G broke my water to see if that would help bring him down but it only caused his feet to come down and the cord when we tried a few pushes. Dr. G said she was sorry but we would have to do a c-section. I told her whatever it takes to get him here safely. I was then prepped for the c-section, had a spinal started and to my pleasant surprise, it went in painlessly.

lucasAt 11:49 am November 23, 1999 Lucas Benjamin came into this world weighing 7 lbs, 8.5 oz and 19 1/4". 17 days early! He's here and most importantly, healthy! After being assessed, he had Apgar scores of 8 and 9. He was taken to be cleaned and warmed. Oh that first cry!! It was heaven, and I was in love!!! Doug left with him and I then received the Tubal Ligation surgery. This was the hardest hour, all alone... Doug and Lucas were together without me. But I knew Lucas was in good hands and Daddy deserved this time alone with him.

After Tubal and C-section was closed I was taken to Recovery for an hour. Another hour of torture and waiting. Finally at 2 pm I was wheeled upstairs to be with Daddy and Lucas. I was feeling good for about an hour when I started vomiting. I had a reaction from the Anesthetic and all that I tried to get down came back. I was given medication to stop the vomiting but it continued for a few hours. That first night I did not sleep well. Since Lucas was being breastfed the nursery had him only an hour before he was back to nurse. Slept maybe 2 hrs that night.

The next day another fun reaction . . . Spinal Headache!! OUCH!!!! I was given a medication and large doses of caffeine. If those things did not work then we would have to do a blood patch. Luckily the medication and caffeine worked.

Sleeping LucasThe next night Lucas went back to the nursery from 1 am to 6 am and had 1 oz of formula. It was that day that my milk came in, no engorgement. That was Thanksgiving Day, November 25, and the same day that we went home, one day early. Lucas nurses like a pro! At home Daddy has tried to give him a feeding of expressed breast milk in a bottle but he won't have anything to do with it. And he isn't thrilled with pacifiers either.

I am slowly recovering from the c-section and the tubal. The best part of the c-section is the decreased bleeding afterwards; the worst part is/was the gas pain and the weird burning pain when walking or standing for a few minutes. But I think this may be tubal surgery related and not c-section. The incision is healing nicely and the staples are going to be removed tomorrow at my perinatologist's office.

Tracy and LucasMy mother is still here and had once again postponed her plans to go home. She is now staying until the 17th of December. Hopefully that is enough time for me to recover and be able to drive again. I have a two week post-op checkup and Lucas also has a two week checkup. I will do a small entry after that.

I am so happy to be a new mommy again and I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my pregnancy with all here on StorkNet. Best wishes to all the pregnant women here, especially to my fellow journal mommies, Noelle and Natalie. I will be following your pregnancies and awaiting to read birth announcements!

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