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Tracy B's Pregnancy Journal

Tracy B and familyStorkNet is very pleased to bring you Tracy B's pregnancy journal!

Tracy B takes us through her seventh pregnancy following a miscarriage, the premature births and deaths of two daughters, and the births of three healthy sons ~ Zachary (7), Jacob (6), and Matthew (2). She has an incompetent cervix, went through a high risk pregnancy and delivered a healthy Lucas at 37+ weeks on November 23, 1999.

Tracy B's Journal Entries

Meet Tracy B!

Week 4
Finding Out

Week 5

Week 6
Morning Sickness!

Week 7
Doctor Appointments

Week 8
Feeling Great!

Week 9
Moving Right Along

Week 10
Exhaustion, Good News & Premonitions

Week 11
Another Doctor Visit

Week 12
Just Call Me Grace!

Week 13

Week 14
Cerclage Surgery

Week 15
Feeling Well

Week 16
AFP Results

Week 17
Family Fun

Week 18
Feeling the Baby

Week 19
Fears & Worries

Week 20
Halfway There!

Week 21
Talking With the Nurse

Week 22
Busy Week

Week 23
Happy Birthday to Me!

Week 24
Getting Organized

Week 25
Pre-term Labor

Week 26
Bed Rest

Week 27
Help Arrives

Week 28
Week 3 of Bed Rest

Week 29
Hitting Those Short-Term Goals!

Week 30
Good News!

Week 31
Typical Week - YAY!

Week 32
Officially OFF Bedrest!

Week 33
Hurricane Irene

Week 34
Things Are Good!

Week 35
Getting Close

Week 36
Stop the Roller Coaster!

Week 37
Still Pregnant!

Birth Story
Welcome Lucas!

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