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Week Ten
~ Exhaustion, Good News, and Premonitions

Oh boy I am so exhausted! I know I was tired when pregnant with the boys but I really do not remember being this tired. Could be though I didn't have three kids already and a busy schedule to deal with. Thank goodness Doug has been wonderful in doing all the grocery shopping and has been pretty good about picking up the slack around the house when I haven't gotten to it. His schedule isn't any easier then mine and he actually survives on a lot less sleep.

I had a thought like all pregnant women do during pregnancy. What if this is twins?? I fall into a few categories for having twins, and I am already showing. It could be the belly of a veteran Mom or . . . guess we will know for sure in a few weeks when I have the ultrasound.

I also dropped off early today the last of the information my case worker needed to process my Medicaid application. Now I just sit and wait and pray for good news.

I'm still having some morning sickness first thing when I wake up. I was up late last night doing some invoices for Doug to take to Ft. Lauderdale, and I felt like I was going to be sick. This is the first time I have even experienced that. I kept having reflux but I was able to fall asleep and I guess it went away, until I woke up.

Thoughts ~ May 18

Not much happening, I have a had a few people ask me when I am due, and I get looks of shock when I say December. I am getting more anxious for my appointment next week and maybe my ultrasound next week if they schedule it for that week. But within two weeks I will have had that ultrasound, and I will know once and for all if I am just showing early from being "Veteran Mom" or if this is more than one. I haven't said anything to Doug about the possibility of twins, and I plan to have him go with me for the ultrasound so if it is, he can see it for himself! My son, Jake, told me the other day that he thinks we are having twin girls. That was totally out of the blue! Weird. And then there is Doug's comment awhile back about having #5. I thought he meant #4 and corrected him, but he said, "No #5! Why stop at 4?" I laughed it off. But it would be too weird if his comment was a premonition.

Thoughts ~ May 19

I received a letter in the mail today from HRS. My Medicaid was APPROVED!!! What a relief this is! Now I can sit back and not worry about the surgery coming up and next week. I can have the ultrasound if it is ordered then. I am SO SO happy!!!!! Now I just have to wait for this baby to cook and do some serious praying that the cerclage holds out once again.

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