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Week Eleven
~ Another Doctor Visit

Today will be my third OB appointment. I think/hope that the ultrasound and cerclage surgery will be scheduled today, and I will know when this is all happening. I think that the ultrasound will happen this week and the surgery next week but it could possibly be moved up a week.

I am very curious to get the ultrasound. I was really thinking how this could be twins but the other day I put on my regular shorts and they fit better than they had. Weird. Could it have been bloating??? I am now not so much thinking that this is might be twins, but I am showing quite a bit. So who knows.

Doctor Appointment ~ May 25

I need to learn not to guess about what is going to happen and when. My ultrasound was scheduled but not for two weeks ~ June 8 at 2:30 pm. Then I go the following week for my OB appointment, and the surgery will be scheduled then. I "think" it'll be scheduled the following week, putting me at or close to 16 weeks. I was okay with the surgery being three weeks from today. I think I had it at 15 weeks with Matthew but with Zach and Jake, it was between 13-14 weeks.

Other than that, it was an pretty normal appointment. My blood pressure was 126/73 (high for me), and I managed to not gain even an OUNCE! The nurse asked how I did that. I laughed and said I had no idea. I feel like I've been eating all the time. I was sure that I had gained a few pounds (to explain my expanding uterus). But now I am wondering even more if it could be twins and that is why I am showing so soon. Or is this just a very stretched out uterus?? Guess I have to wait another two weeks to get that answer.

I did mention to Dr. L. that I have a cold, and he told me that he has had a steady stream of patients with a head cold. Hopefully this is a short lived cold; it has given me the absolute worst headache I have ever had in my life. Tylenol 500 didn't even stop it. It was a two day headache that was torture.

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