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Week Twelve
~ Just Call Me Grace!

Well . . . just call me Grace! Wednesday was Jake's sixth birthday, and we were on our way out to the store to pick up a little ice cream cake. I had buckled Matthew in his car seat, stepped (backed) out of the van, and I stepped in a small dip in our driveway and sprained my ankle, OUCH!!! This is the same ankle I broke back in August and broke two years before that and sprained many years ago. I am still in pain, but I am able to walk this time. The swelling has gone down a lot, and there is very little bruising. I have to laugh and worry ~ how in the world will I manage when I have a watermelon belly?

Speaking of bellies . . . I can't believe mine is growing so fast! And I am 12 weeks today!! YIPPEE!!! I still am having some times of morning sickness. Today it hit me in the afternoon, and I had to lay down for about 1.5 hours. I am sure looking forward for this to end, and the tiredness to go away!! Hopefully in the next couple weeks, it will be gone and then I will soon be feeling this little one kick. Oh I can't wait!!

I went to Goodwill today and found some more cute baby clothes (mostly pink - hee hee). I will add it to the growing pile in the closet.

Thoughts ~ June 1

We had a nice Memorial Day Weekend at home. Saturday was Zachary's and Jacob's evaluations for the year (we homeschool them), and they are at or above their grade levels. We went to Ruby Tuesday's to celebrate the evaluations, and the great month we had (we are self employed). Sunday was Jake's sixth birthday party and thankfully the rain cleared up so that we were able to still have a pool party. Doug was very helpful during the party; it was wonderful to get so much help because I was exhausted by the time party was over. On Memorial Day we stayed home enjoyed a nice relaxing day at home.

It is one week from today that I will have my ultrasound. Oh boy am I anxious! Then my OB appointment is three days after that and hopefully my surgery the following week.

Thoughts ~ June 3

I am 12 weeks and 6 days today. Tomorrow I am 13 weeks!! Wow!! I have been feeling pretty good, morning sickness has been gone for about five days but the exhaustion lingers. I am so looking forward to the energetic stage. My ankle is healing well, still sore a bit. Five more days until my ultrasound, Yippee!!! I know this is a long shot but there is a slight chance of them being able to see the sex of the baby. Of course it is very slight, and I am not getting my hopes up. And in just a few weeks I will be feeling this little bean move, wow!!

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