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Tracy B's Pregnancy Journal

Week Thirteen
~ Ultrasound!

Today was ultrasound day!!! First they did a vaginal ultrasound to check my cervix, and it looked great. It measured at 3.6 cm. The tech said that she would be able to see the baby through the vaginal ultrasound but all she was seeing was feet! She said that my uterus was tilted and that she would have to do an abdominal ultrasound. That was so sweet!! Baby's feet were kicking and arms were moving and his or her hands were waving at us!! Baby measured right on target (13+ weeks). So it looks like the cerclage surgery is a go! Hopefully next week!! I did ask for the tech to try and see the sex but she wouldn't venture to guess this early. But I did see something that looked like a penis, but it could have been the cord, and maybe that's the way the female vagina looks at 13 weeks. It is still hard to tell for sure at this point. So unless we have another ultrasound later on, I guess this baby is going to be a surprise like Matthew was. I am so relieved . . . feels real to see a baby in there and all should be well until the cerclage. Then hopefully the cerclage will do the trick again this time as it did for the three boys.

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