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Week Fourteen
~ Cerclage Surgery

I had an OB appointment. today. We heard the heartbeat!! Only briefly, but we heard it!! It registered 144 bpm. I had to laugh and say, "Oh another boy!" The nurse laughed too (She knows we have three boys already). I would love a girl but I would be just has happy with another boy. Why not, we have three already! My fundus measured at 14 weeks, and my blood pressure was 116/69. I gained 1/2 a pound since my last appointment and that also is my total weight gain so far.

My cerclage surgery is scheduled for June 16 at 8:00 am. I am very happy to be getting it done but I am still nervous of all the possibilities of having the cerclage done. But I know my odds are much better with the cerclage than without. Without it, I would never make it to a viable point to have a healthy baby. My next appointment is June 23 (one week after surgery) for follow-up to check my cervix and the following week I will have my AFP test done. Fingers are crossed that it is smooth sailing for the surgery and AFP test.

Getting closer to seeing, holding, smelling my sweet baby!!

Thoughts ~ June 15, 14 weeks 4 days

Today was my pre-op testing at the hospital. It went well but not painless. Dang nurse was set on using my left arm to draw blood despite me telling her that my right arm is much better. So she removes the tourniquet and then loses the vein and goes searching for it! OUCH!! She never found it again. Luckily she had enough for a CBC to be done, and I was spared another stick by her! I normally do not mind needles but today was a different story.

I also spoke to the anesthesiologist and he wants to use a spinal for the surgery (just like in the past) and I explained that I am okay with that but the side effects always make me really nauseous and shaky afterwards. He said that he will use a light amount of meds and now I am scared that I will feel the surgery. But if I do, I will surely tell them.

The surgery is scheduled for 8 am and I have to be there at 6:30 am. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight. No food is okay for me but I get so thirsty at night that is going to be hard.

Well, more after my surgery tomorrow night or the following day.

Day After Surgery ~ June 17 ~ 14 weeks, 6 days

Yesterday was my cerclage surgery; it went well but not without some pain and discomfort. We arrived at the hospital at 6:30 am and surgery did not start until 8:43 am. The OB was late from delivering a baby yesterday morning. I was given a spinal and after the second attempt of trying to get it in, I felt very nauseous and faint. I was laid down, and I felt better but not great. I started crying a bit, and they tried the spinal again while I was lying on my side. Thank goodness it went it that time. I was prepped (scrubbed) and put up in stirrups that look like candy canes with chains.

During the surgery I got very ill. I was throwing up saliva and dry heaving since I had nothing in my system to really throw up. Thank goodness this passed fairly quickly. It was all over at 9:17 am and I was wheeled into recovery. The spinal wore off very quickly. Normally it would have taken 4-6 hours for it to wear off enough to go home but by 11:15 am, I was up and going pee and was asked if I wanted to go home. Heck yes!! By 11:50 am, I was back home and resting, laying down to avoid any spinal headache. I had light spotting form the cerclage, some cramping and a killer backache from all the spinal sticks!

Today I am feeling great!! Bleeding is virtually nonexistent, cramping is gone and back feels almost normal. Now I sit back and hope this works its magic like it did for the boys and wait and get huge!

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