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Week Sixteen
~ AFP Results and Doctor Visits

Today I called my OB's office to see if they had the AFP results. I had a few tense moments as I was asked if I was sure I wanted the results over the phone since I have an appointment on the 29. I replied yes and a few minutes later I was told that they were NORMAL!! Yeah!! What a relief!! :-)

It is hard to believe that I am starting my 17th week tomorrow. I am not complaining, just surprised. I think I am feeling the baby move in the evenings when I am laying down. It's not much more then a few sporadic flutters but exciting none the less!

Doctor Visit ~ June 29

I had a good checkup today. My total weight gain so far is 3/4 lb!! Baby's heartbeat was strong and loud and was 152 bmp. My fundal height is measuring at 17+ weeks. The cerclage is in well and doing great. I go back in four weeks (July 27) when I will be 20+ weeks! I'll be more then halfway there then!!

I feel great lately. I love this stage, not too big or uncomfortable, not tired or sick.

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