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Week Seventeen
~ Family Fun

Yesterday was the fourth of July. We had a nice day at home. During the day, Doug worked on the yard and I did some housework and then spent about three hours out by the pool reading. We went to see the fireworks in Palm Springs, and Matthew was so cute. He was scared when the fireworks first started and was saying, "Go back to van! Go back to van!" I held him against my chest and covered his ears. Towards the end of the display, he was saying, "Mommy see it?" and naming the colors he was seeing. But he still wanted me to keep his ears covered. When it was over he said, "All done, go back to van!"

I saw a neighbor from our old neighborhood last night at the fireworks, and she was very surprised that I am not due sooner then I am or that it isn't more then one. She had twins her last pregnancy and she said I look just like she did at the end of four months.

I am feeling really well. I have felt the baby a few times but not enough to say I am feeling it consistently. I know it is coming soon. I can't wait! I love that feeling.

Shopping for Baby ~ July 7 ~ 17 weeks, 5 days

Well it wasn't exactly shopping for baby but it was for Mommy. I bought a glider rocker today. It is the cutest print with teddy bears in stitched embroidery material. I will be spending many hours in this chair while pregnant and many more than that once the baby is born. So to me, it is an essential item for mommy and baby.

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