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Tracy B's Pregnancy Journal

Week Nineteen
~ Fears and Apprehensions

Last week I took my sons to the pound to adopt two kittens. After we did, I learned more about toxoplasmosis, and I realized that I knew nothing about the kittens prior to coming to the pound. After talking to the OB's office and a vet, I decided that it was safer to return the kitties. The risk was just something I was not willing to take and actually already had. I am going to get tested for toxoplasmosis exposure next week and if it comes back negative, I will be retested in four more weeks to be sure that I was not exposed. If it comes back positive for recent exposure then we have to worry about how it may have affected baby. If it comes back positive for old exposure, we have no worry as I am immune and cannot pass it on to baby. Prayers please!!

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