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Week Twenty
~ Halfway There!

Wow just over halfway there!! :-)

I called the OB's office yesterday. On Thursday I had been busy running errands and later that evening I felt a weird swollen, heavy-like feeling in my cervix/vaginal area. I called Friday morning to tell them and see if they felt I should come in or what till my regular appointment Tuesday. By Friday morning, it was much better but still feeling swollen. I was told to rest and stay off my feet as much as possible this weekend and should I have any other symptom, to call.

Today I feel great and that swelling feeling is gone. I guess I was up and about too much Thursday, and it caused a lot of pressure on my cervix. I also noticed that my belly feels heavy; baby must have had a growth spurt. I am very curious to see what my fundal height measures next week.

Sunday, the 25th, is Shannon's baby shower, and she found out yesterday that her "Syndey" is really a "Parker." She had been told at 18 weeks that she was having a girl. Good thing she found out yesterday because she has a couple of weeks to get things exchanged and hopefully the baby's room re-done before the birth.

Doctor Visit ~ July 27 ~ 20 weeks, 4 days

I had an OB appointment today. I gained 4 lbs (I knew it was coming!) this month, so a total of 4 3/4 lbs total. My blood pressure was 117/71. Fundal height measured 20+ weeks, and the baby's heart rate was 148-149 bpm. I had the OB check my cervix since last week I felt that my cervix was swollen. But my cervix is closed and tight and the cerclage is where it should be. I also mentioned to the nurse about my extreme thirst. She checked my urine for sugar, but it as fine. I was supposed to mention my thirst to the doctor but I forgot! If it doesn't get better by my next appointment or gets worse before then, I will call. The nurse said that he may want to send me for a Glucose Tolerance Test early.

My next appointment is August 25, and I see the OB that is on call for my regular OB. The on-call OB is the same one that delivered my son, Matthew. I liked him then so I guess I will like him this time too. I also got the orders for the lab to get the toxo titer done. I did that today and the results may be in on Friday. If they are negative, I will get more orders at my next appointment to be retested to make sure that I am clear. If the test comes back positive for recent exposure, then we have to worry. If it comes back positive for old exposure, there is no worry at all. The baby would not be affected as I would have been immune to it.

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