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Tracy B's Pregnancy Journal

Week Twenty-Three
~ Happy Birthday to Me!

Well I am officially 33 now! Yesterday (August 12th) was my birthday. Nothing exciting to say, it was an average day of kids, errands, house etc . . . Doug had Catechism class and worked last night so I spent the evening with some brownies I made and a big glass of milk and a movie after the boys went to bed.

School starts in three days. I am so anxious but also not ready for the early morning routine. It's going to be a shock to me to get up before 8 am. I am normally a night owl and prefer to sleep in. The boys seem ready for school but I know that they will quickly miss the summer.

Braxton Hicks have increased and today while in the video store I had to stop and breathe through one. I then felt the need to get home and rest but I still had two other stops to make first. By the time I got home I knew it was fruitless to even try to rest with three boys! I did lay down with the boys and watch part of a video with them. Baby was very active today too. From what I remember, weeks 24 to 28 is the most active for fetal movement.

I wish I knew what the gender of this baby was. I can't even look at boy's clothes. Everything is pink that I have bought. I don't know if it is wishful thinking or intuition making me go for the "pink" stuff but time will tell I suppose. I will be happy with another boy but a little girl would be so fulfilling since this is our last pregnancy and especially after having lost two daughters already.

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