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Week Twenty-Four
~ Getting Organized

I am sitting here with my left ankle once again wrapped with an ice pack; I sprained it again. I was walking in the yard to catch Doug before he left for work to take the garbage down when I found a small hole in the yard where Doug had removed and relocated a sprinkler. What a pathetic site I was lying in the wet grass, with light rain coming down, screaming in pain and crying. But I must say how proud of my "men" I am. Doug immediately helped me in the house and Zachary and Jacob jumped into action to help too. Matthew kept asking what was wrong with me, and I told him I hurt my foot. He then says, "Ants get Mommy?" He's too cute! So I guess I am finally going to have to see an Orthopedist to see what can be done to hopefully prevent this from happening again. And for now I am on bedrest for my ankle. Guess it's good practice as I am expecting to once again be on bedrest the last couple months of pregnancy.

The rest of the week was really a nice one; school started and the boys adjusted very well after being homeschooled last year. I am enjoying the time alone during the day with Matthew and the ability to rest some. I have had a lot of heartburn this week and for some reason I am having a hard time remembering to take my prenatal vitamins and Baby Aspirin. Guess it was the new schedule that threw me off. Baby has been kicking me a lot in the lower abdomen and cervix. But other than my ankle I feel great.

I also started to organize what I have for the baby. Most of it had been thrown into a closet in bags and when I dumped it all out and took a look at it I was surprised! I have just about all I need for baby with the exception of a few things. I do have much more pink stuff than blue stuff. Now I just wish I knew which I really needed!

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