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Week Twenty-Five
~ Pre-term Labor

BabyB at 25 weeksI had an OB appointment this week on Wednesday, August 25. I saw Dr. L, the on-call OB for my doctor and the one who delivered my son, Matthew. My check up was good, gained 6 lb. last month (Yikes! but total weight gain of 10 3/4 lbs. so far) and blood pressure was great. I mentioned the contractions I have been having and Dr. L was concerned about my cervix. I was sent for an ultrasound for 2 pm the same day. I was so excited and nervous. I was thinking now we will finally know the gender of this baby!!

At my ultrasound and my cervix was checked first. It was not good news; my cervix had gone from 3.6 cm in length at 13 weeks to 1.3 cm in length at 25 weeks, and it's effaced and fully dilated at the top of my cervix. The only thing holding it closed is the cerclage. Then I was put on a monitor to see how often I was contracting and to my surprise I was contracting more then I knew. I felt some of the contractions but not as many that were showing up. With all that was going on, I was sent straight to the hospital. I was hooked up there for more monitoring and I was still contracting. Time for a shot of Brethine, ouch does it sting!!! The contractions stopped for about an hour and then started to pick up again but I was given a dose of oral Brethine and they slowed down. From then on, it was 2.5 mg of Brethine every four hours and things calmed down. In the morning I was released to go home on strict bed rest and the oral Brethine. The side affects of the Brethine are not fun but any discomfort that I can endure to keep little one safe inside is worth it!

So here I am allowed very limited computer time. My mother is coming out to help for 8 weeks. And we are praying that this little one will stay put in Mommy for as much as 12 weeks but no less then 8 weeks.

I am having a follow up ultrasound next week to check cervical length again; I am hoping that a week of bed rest and Brethine will help it close and lengthen some. I also have a regular OB appointment in two weeks and not four. And I am to go have my Glucose Tolerance Test done next week.

And last but not least! We now know the gender of this little one . . . we are expecting our fourth boy!!! I won't lie and say that I wasn't disappointed when the ultrasound technician said "boy" but at this point and after all that happened this week, as long as this little guy can come home safely with us, I could care less what gender he is!!! I do have to wonder though, what is planned for me. Surely the good Lord above must have something planned or someone thinks I am super woman to be able to handle four boys and a husband!!

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